Tesla Updates the Interior of the Model 3 with the Novelties Introduced in the Model Y

The recently launched SUV Tesla Model Y, despite deriving from the successful Model 3, has had from the moment of its presentation a series of features not available so far in its younger brother. However, it seems that little by little, Tesla will begin to incorporate these developments in its electric sedan to keep it current in front of its brother SUV.

Although both vehicles share the vast majority of interior components, the Model Y adds elements such as a wireless charger for smartphones (in the Model 3 it is only offered as an accessory, while in the Model Y it is standard), an element that now also has the Model 3 made in China. It will reach the units produced in the United States once the Fremont plant is operational again after the break decreed by the current health crisis.

The recently updated Chinese Model 3 also has the USB-C connectors present in the Model Y (until now the sedan also had several old-generation USB-A). It is hoped that this improvement will also reach the version produced in America in the short term as it will allow Tesla to increase the number of components shared between the Model 3 and the Model Y. This in turn will lead to reduced costs.

However, at the moment it does not seem that Tesla is going to add the rest of the improvements introduced by the Model Y in the short term. Among them we can highlight the heat pump (the SUV is the first model of the brand to have this element ), emergency manual opening for rear doors, etc.

Also, when the unibody manufacturing currently used to produce the Model Y’s lower rear frame will begin to be implemented in the Model 3. An advance that allows going from 70 stamped steel parts welded together in the sedan to just two pieces of aluminum in the SUV. This helps to make the production of the car significantly cheaper and faster.

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