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Tesla Model Y Autonomy Test on the Highway at 75 Mph and 93 Mph

Based on a German Youtuber´s tests, we now know the real autonomy of Tesla Model Y on the highway at speeds of 75 mph. Thanks to the fact that it has been tested in Germany, we know its performance by the autobahn at 93 mph.

This is undoubtedly a tough test for an electric car. It allows us to know its efficiency at a high speed. An essential aspect for many when it comes to acquiring a vehicle with which they can travel and who need to know their genuine autonomy in these circumstances.

In this case, the protagonists are the guys from the Nextmove channel, who have accessed an imported unit of the Tesla Model Y Performance from the United States. Something that allows them to be the first to do this test, but also means having a tremendously limited unit in terms of recharging as they will not be able to use the Superchargers or the points with CCS Combo 2 formation. Only slow charge and at most using the adapter CHAdeMO.

The test conditions have been excellent, with an outdoor temperature of 24 degrees and little wind. Something that favors the results for the first Model Y that does this test in our market. As we remember, a unit is equipped with 21-inch wheels giving it a very aggressive look, but penalizes the result in terms of consumption. So, the numbers with the 19-inch series wheels or the optional 20-inch wheels indicate that they could improve the autonomy numbers by between 6 and 9%.

Finally, the test result indicates that in the test at 75 mph, the Tesla Model Y has achieved an average consumption of 16.9 kWh per 100 km in a 58 mile journey. It is challenging to keep the average high due to traffic, leaving the final figure at an average of 108 km/h.

It indicates that in these circumstances, the Tesla Model Y Performance could achieve a range of almost 270 miles with each load. Something that warns us that we are dealing with an extremely efficient design that is very close to the results of Model 3.

As for the 93 mph test, in this case, the section selected has been one of 42 miles, in which according to GPS, the Model Y has achieved an average speed of 89 mph. A demanding test that has ended with an average consumption of 25.4 kWh and maximum theoretical autonomy of 176 miles with each load.

Again, an extraordinary result that we can compare with the 22.7 kWh at 100 kilometers that they once achieved with a Model 3 Long Range RW with 18-inch wheels. We dare to say that mounting the Model Y with those same wheels, he would have no problem matching or even improving. An aspect that speaks highly of the design of a taller model seems to have managed to leap forward in efficiency to offset its SUV configuration.

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