Hyundai and Aptiv Join to Work on Autonomous Driving Vehicles

Carmaker Hyundai and Aptiv will collaborate in funding the new project and providing the gear necessary so it can hit the market by 2022.

The plan by the two companies is to develop an autonomous driving system of Levels 4 and 5, where they can use the tech in other automakers and even create a robotaxi fleet. The idea is to have it working by 2022.

Aptiv and Hyundai will share the ownership of the company by 50% each. The investment reaches a total of $4 billion. From this amount, $1.6 billion comes straight out of Hyundai while Aptiv enters with the autonomous driving tech and 700 employees.

Both participants of the project want to begin the tests of the systems by next year, 2020.

What are your expectations on the new development?

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