Hyundai to Sign with SK Innovation and Have Agreements with the Top Three Korean Battery Manufacturers

Ensuring a reliable supply of batteries has become a priority for major automotive groups in their race for electrification. It is that with a rapidly growing demand, this section has become the top of the tasks to complete. An example is found in Hyundai, which has confirmed contacts with SK Innovation to add it to its supplier list.

Chung Euisun, CEO of Hyundai Motor Group, will meet Tuesday with SK Group President Chey Tae-won at a meeting where they will discuss ways to strengthen ties for the development of batteries for electric cars.

This would be one more news about a manufacturer looking for more batteries if it were not for the fact that if this alliance is confirmed, it will mean that the three Korean battery manufacturers will work with the Hyundai group, not only regarding the sale of accumulators but also in joint research projects to develop the new cells.

It is that Hyundai has recently closed agreements with LG Chem and Samsung, with which they work on aspects such as the evolution of batteries with technologies such as solid electrolyte or lithium-sulfur batteries. All to achieve being in the best possible position when it comes to accessing these new systems once they have passed their experimental phase.

An SK Innovation that, as we remember, has been selected by Hyundai as the first supplied for its next electric models of the new global electric modular platform (E-GMP). A specific platform to house electrical systems that will begin manufacturing in 2021 will mean an agreement between the two companies valued at $ 8.35 billion.

Movements by the Korean group aimed at not leaving to the last moment the crucial issue of batteries in an ambitious program. It will mean between Hyundai and KIA reaching 560,000 units a year by 2025, with an expansion of its offer to 44 electric models, of which 23 will be 100% electrical proposals.

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