Rivian Releases New R1T Test Video

In a new video posted to the Rivian Youtube channel, an R1T electric pickup truck is seen showing off its impressive maneuverability while flying through an Arizona desert while completing Rivian’s testing program. The video also explains how the company plans to reach a balance between its on-road and off-road performances.

This isn’t the first video we’ve seen feature their desert testing. Rivian has released several videos in the past few months on the subject of just that. Rivian has always been a self proclaim “adventure” vehicle manufacturer with its target customer being the outdoorsy type looking for an electric option. With the introduction of the R1T, the consumer can not only use their off-road electric pickup for their adventurous outings, but also for daily driving. And all at a much cheaper price of operation compared to that of a gas or diesel truck.

A Rivian engineer explains in the video how they plan to manage its balance stating “You’ll generally have to make a bunch of compromises to make something really well. You can be really good off-road but on road it will be really soft whereas our vehicle it has such a broad spectrum of performance. We look at what makes it good on road and what makes it good off road and we minimize the number of compromises to make it good on both, and that’s why we arrived at the solution that we did/ That’s why we have 4 independent motors so that we can optimize grip off road but also optimize the handling balance on road.”

See the full video below:

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