Chinese Manufacturers Continue Their Discreet but Unstoppable Growth

Although Chinese sales around the world continue symbolic at the moment, there are some electric vehicle manufactures, such as MG, that have been growing sales in the first half of the year.

The former British brand, now part of the Chinese giant SAIC, has managed to increase its registrations by 45% between January and June, with a total of 9,152 deliveries in the UK. An implementation that started in the United Kingdom, where it already has 107 points of sale, but which has already led to its presence in 11 countries, including France, Denmark, the Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, and Austria.

MG manages to convince a good number of customers thanks to arguments such as the design, decent features, excellent equipment, and a very competitive price. A proposal so far made up of a single model, the ZS, whose electric version has been accepted by MG, has made it possible to implement it in some markets, including the U.S.

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