Tesla Cancels Model Y Standard Range RWD

Tesla has announced the cancellation of the Model Y Standard Range RWD, the access variant of its family SUV because its autonomy would be too limited by the brand’s standards. Despite everything, the arrival of the Model Y Long Range RWD for a few months is assured.

So far, Tesla has only delivered corresponding Model Y units with the Long Range Dual Motor and Long Range Dual Motor Performance versions, the most expensive in the range. Although the entire Long Range family will have the same battery pack, the RWD (rear-wheel drive) configuration will be somewhat cheaper for using a single-engine instead of two.

According to Elon Musk, CEO of the company, the Model Y Standard Range RWD would offer a range of less than 200 miles under the American EPA approval cycle, something unacceptable for the brand. Therefore, the Long Range RWD will become the new access option for the Model Y.

The starting price of this model will be about $45,000, so despite not being as affordable as the Model Y Standard Range RWD, it will remain competitive against the proposals of the competition.

In parallel, Tesla has reduced the price of the Model Y Long Range Dual Motor to $49,990, representing a drop of $ 3,000 from previous rates.

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