Jaguar Postpones the Launch of Electric XJ due to Financial Problems

British group Jaguar Land Rover, which has been hit hard by the coronavirus crisis, has decided to postpone all its non-essential spending to overcome its current financial problems. This has fully affected the new Jaguar XJ, whose arrival on the market has had to be delayed.

The new car, which will initially be available only in 100% electric versions, was launched in early 2021; However, it has now been delayed at least until October. This ambitious model will be the first to settle on the MLA electric modular platform designed for thermal, hybrid, and electric cars.

“The Jaguar XJ has been our flagship model for 50 years. Our engineers continue to work on the next fully electric generation of the XJ. We remain committed to our long-term strategy, and our product portfolio remains the same. Still, the unprecedented situation will inevitably impact our immediate plans,” says a brand spokesperson.

The new Jaguar XJ, like the future Jaguar J-Pace and Land Rover Road Rover crossovers (which will also have 100% electric versions), will be produced at the Castle Bromwich plant, which has recently received a million dollar investment to adapt its assembly lines to the new MLA platform.

Some rumors suggest that Jaguar Land Rover could be one of the six major British companies negotiating a bailout with the English government. The cash injection would be carried out under a new scheme called the “Birch Project,” and could mean that the State took a shareholding in the company.

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