Xpeng P7 First Tests on the Road

Xpeng wanted to show more transparently the true capabilities of his P7. A list was published of the results of the autonomy problems that are achieving the first averages that have been able to complete real autonomy problems.

According to the results, the RWD Super-Long Range version, with 670 kilometers of NEDC autonomy according to the manufacturer, has been able to reach 85% of the figures achieved under this approval format.

These are translated into real autonomies between 351 and 356 miles. Interestingly, the prongs that each measurement has carried out in different environments, cities, and highways are the best brands that have had lousy highway presence.

As we can see in the image published by Xpeng, the longer distance has been posted on the Laosiji.com page, which in a tray of 70% by city and 30% by highway has managed to reach 356 miles with a cargo sole. On the other side, in an urban area, that vehicle reached 351 miles.

The main difference is the lack of data, such as average speed and external temperature. While the first tester has had a suitable outdoor temperature (between 18 and 23 degrees) the last one has to be completed with the thermometer using 35 degrees centigrade.

This data will tell us that during the times the Xpeng P7 had promised a consumption of between 15 and 16 kWh at 100 kilometers. Something to confirm, it would indicate that we are facing an extremely efficient model and we have not forgotten that we are talking about a 4.88-meter long vehicle.

The most accessible version starts at 35,000 dollars at the exchange rate, although the top of the range goes to 48,000 dollars.

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