Vintage Electric Unveils Cafe Bike 2020: Such a Good Looking Bike.

Vintage Electric is a Californian company that creates some retro tributes, ranging from classic cars to bicycles. The Vintage Electric company unveiled the new 2020 Cafe bike. A model with curved shapes, two sweet color combinations, features precious maple or walnut wood trimmings, and the manufacturer’s logo is laser engraved.

Precisely, its founder is clear that this Café 2020 was not designed inspired by other electric bicycles, but always had in mind its range of “3,000 W acceleration bicycles. We wanted to make sure that all our models they could travel together in a class of their own. “

This 2020 Cafe has a curved chrome-molybdenum alloy frame, and a 750-watt motor capable of reaching 45 kilometers per hour of maximum speed. This electric bicycle has up to five levels of pedaling assistance, which allow us to enjoy greater or less autonomy depending on the speed at which we ride. That range is placed by the manufacturer in a minimum of 32 kilometers and a maximum of 97 (approx.). Be that as it may, its motor has a 48V battery that is placed just above the pedals and that we can charge both at home and work since only a standard plug is needed to start recharging.

This model is already available to reserve for $3,995.

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