Tesla Model 3 vs. Model Y, Which is the Best Buy?

Tesla Model 3 is the world’s best-selling electric car today, with unquestionable success in markets such as the United States, Europe, and China. However, recently competition has arisen at home, as Tesla has launched the Model Y, an SUV derived from Model 3 itself. According to the company, it will eventually exceed sales of the rest of the range as a whole.

But which of these two exciting models is the best buy? To answer this question, the MotorTrend media has carried out an analysis of both vehicles. For starters, the Model 3 is the best option if we are looking for a sports car. Why? Because its Performance version has Track Mode, which, according to Tesla will not reach Model Y Performance.

Aesthetically both are very similar, while inside, they both share the dashboard of identical design. At the equipment level, the Model Y stands out by including a wireless charger for smartphones and USB-C charging ports as standard, although both elements will be included in the Model 3 soon.

Model Y’s driving position is higher, although the front seats are identical. The differences begin in the second row since, in the SUV, the three backs can be folded independently. Besides, the Model Y offers a third-row option with two extra seats, regarding the trunks, the more significant space, and the presence of a gate tip the balance back to the SUV.

The differences at the dynamic level are not too noticeable, as Tesla has adjusted the suspension of the Model Y as if it were that of a sedan instead of that of an SUV. The SUV’s agility is probably also due to the low center of gravity provided by the batteries. As for acceleration, they are both very similar.

MotorTrend concludes that, unless we do not like cars with a high driving position or we have a budget adjusted to the maximum, it is better to buy the Model Y. It offers almost the same as the Model 3 but with extra space and practicality.

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