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A Tesla Client Compares Tesla Model Y and Model X

YouTuber Marc Benton has made a video in which he compares his recently acquired Teslas: Model Y with the Model X. In the video, he reviews aspects such as its interior space, the dimensions of its trunks, or even its comfort. Both units have an internal configuration of five seats.

For starters, Benton notes that the legroom in the second row is quite similar on both models; Also, it emphasizes that the seats of the Model Y are more comfortable. The trunks are also quite similar: that of the Model Y has a longitudinal space of 118.1 cm, while that of the Model X reaches 128.9 cm; the width in the lower area of ​​the boot is 101.6 cm and 105.4 cm respectively, and the width in the upper zone for its part of 108.6 cm and 105.4 cm.

Both trunks are quite similar, something that also happens with the “frunk” (front trunk). Also, it stands out that the Model Y has a full panoramic roof and that the “Falcon Wings” doors of the Model X are spectacular to see but very impractical.

Benton concludes that, given the high price difference between one and the other, it is much better to buy the Model Y, which is closer to its older brother in terms of habitability, even exceeding it in some sections. Benton has decided to return his Model X and keep his new Model Y, stating that the sales of the Model X are likely to suffer after the appearance of the new Model.

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