Elon Musk #Redpill Tone Prepares For Governor Election In 2022

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Fremont: TESLA, Elon Musk challenged Gov.Newsom and Alameda County in Courts to Open in Fremont.

“Take a Redpill”, has a political meaning to his thoughts, including “Cancel Cancel Culture”, supported by President Donald Trump and Ivanka Trump, is a message for his bid to place himself as the Front runner-Republican against incumbent Gov.Newsom.

“I strongly feel Elon Musk has a real chance to win California in 2022, if President Donald Trump is re-elected in November”, said Vick Bajwa.

All pundits have missed Elon Musk Message and the political support for TESLA, from Trump Campaign and China $1.2 Billion Loan, with Gov.Newsom, busy with Covid crisis and re-opening California for Business.

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