Driving With an Electric Car Around the City, What are the Keys to Doing it Economically?

Electric cars are coming to big cities, and there are many benefits that they generate, both for drivers and the cities themselves. They are clean, they do not generate noise, and on top of that, they can alleviate the pocket of those who drive them.

Electric car users have discounts at the time of purchase. In specific autonomous communities, they are exempt from some tax. They can circulate in states with high pollution, and they can even park in regulated parking areas at a lower cost than conventional vehicle combustion, but this is not all.

What are the benefits of driving an electric car around the city?
One of the main benefits of driving an electric car around the city is the possibility of driving on the BUS-VAO or restricted access lanes for high-occupancy vehicles, even if only one occupant is inside. This saves a lot of time, money, and a lot of loads and the environment is not affected because much fewer resources are generated.

Also, users can enjoy the tranquility in that electric cars are much quieter than their brothers with a combustion engine so that passengers can enjoy their favorite songs or a sound radio program. It is essential to highlight that electric cars, thanks to their information and entertainment system, will allow the driver to learn to take full advantage of the possibilities of such a vehicle since driving changes compared to a traditional combustion car.

The information and entertainment system that is oriented towards the driver’s seat can quickly check the battery consumption and the instantaneous recharging of the battery that occurs through the regenerative braking system. The driving of electric cars is much smoother and you have to avoid acceleration and braking. These types of vehicles respond more conspicuously to the actions we carry out; therefore, drivers must prevent braking and high accelerations from achieving a much smoother ride.

In electric cars, the ideal is to carry out long, but not intense, braking. This means lengthen the braking by increasing the advance and space; thus, more inertia is achieved and therefore, an increase in the battery charge. It is also advisable to increase the speed smoothly, avoiding accelerations.

Another benefit is that you do not have to worry about refueling, and that is, if loads are planned at the end of the day, the vehicle will always be ready for any trip. It must be taken into account that the routes per city do not exceed 150 kilometers a day, so with the autonomy of a load, it is more than enough. Also, with a single charge and depending on the journeys, the car can circulate for several days; this way, you can also save, although if you prefer, electric vehicles can be charged daily without the need for the battery to be fully discharged.

Besides, electric cars, as we have mentioned, have access to certain areas that other vehicles do not have. Driving an electric car around the city also has the advantage that parking lots, in some areas and depending on the autonomous communities, are free for this type of vehicle.

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