The Ford Mustang Mach-E will Arrive Earlier in Europe than in the United States

The Mustang Mach-E is Ford’s big bet in the electric car category. This ambitious SUV of segment D will become one of the biggest rivals of the Tesla Model Y.

To stand up to its rivals, the Ford Mustang Mach-E will offer a wide range of versions. Thus, we will find two batteries (the Standard Range of 75.7 kWh and the Extended Range of 98.8 kWh), both with liquid cooling and LG Chem cells, as well as with two mechanical configurations (rear-wheel drive or RWD and all-wheel drive or AWD). Thus, four combinations will be available (SR RWD; SR AWD; ER RWD; ER AWD), to which we would have to add the GT variant, which will have the ER battery and the AWD mechanical configuration, but which will be more performance than the rest of versions.

Interestingly, the model will start selling sooner in Europe than in the United States and Canada: it will arrive in Norway at the end of the year, something that has been confirmed by Jason Mase, head of the Ford electric vehicle program. This decision is because the Nordic country is today the market with the highest share of sales of plug-in cars in the world (64.4% last January, with a corresponding 44.3% with 100% electric cars).

In markets such as Germany, Great Britain, Holland, France, Switzerland, and Norway itself, the vehicle can already be booked with a deposit of 1,000 euros. In Spain, order books will open at the end of the year, with the first units arriving at their dealerships in early 2021.

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