This Electric Boat Runs On a BMW Powertrain

The Torquee Deep Blue Electric Boat 100i runs 100% on an electric powertrain from BMW and have great specs.

This motorboat is designed to be fast. There are two versions, both running on a BMW power train. One can generate a run speed of 2,400rpm and 390nm of torque, and the second one has “Only” 900 rpm. The lower RPM is perfect for towing purposes. All that is made possible through a 100kW motors.

The battery is a 40kWh marine-grade lithium-ion cell. Using BMW technology, it can hold up to 30% more storage than other batteries with the same size and can be recharged in 1.5h.

Both versions of the Deep Blue is 100% electric, but there’s a hybrid engine option that can increase the range of the boat. You can buy yours today for £93,000 ($115,200)

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