Tesla Model 3 with Tank Chains to Drive on Snow Tracks

The community of Tesla owners is very active on the Internet, both in social networks and in the classic forums. Some gone one step further than the rest and showed some news.

The owner of a Tesla Model 3 has uploaded a video to YouTube in which he shows that he has replaced the rear wheels of his sedan with a tractor system using “Caterpillar” chains (the same solution used on tanks for example). Michael, the owner of the “lowlifeduramax” channel, decided to undertake this curious transformation to improve the snow performance of his Model 3 Standard Range Plus. The conversion of the vehicle has been possible thanks to Mullin Manufacturing, which created a system to attach the chains to the car’s disc brakes.

Thanks to these modifications, Michael has seen his vehicle’s motor skills increase on snowy trails. Thus, now Model 3 can climb icy hills without losing traction. One of the strengths of this radical transformation is that the mechanics and bodywork of the car were not affected: in reality, the modification is somewhat equivalent to installing new tires on the rear train.

Despite the increase in motor skills on icy surfaces, we assume that the chain system has caused a significant decrease in the performance of the car, as well as its autonomy. However, at the moment, Michael has not given too many details about it, although he has promised that he will soon submit his vehicle to new tests (for example, after driving it on a snowmobile trail, he now wants to try it in mud).

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