We Might See An All-Electric Beetle

We are waiting the new Beetle to be on Golf’s platform, but Volkswagen says that is now thinking in using it’s new MEB electric platform to increase it’s reach on electric market.

Last week, we got to know the All-electric microbus concept, that was obviously a remake of the classic VW microbus,. have the news about the Beetle EV. It’s clear that VW is abusing of nostalgia in their strategy to bite a large amount of market shares in the future. “There have been no decisions so far, but it’s possible the Bug’s future is electric” said Klaus Buschoff, VW’s head of design.
Volkswagen is planning to deliver nearly 3 million all-electric cars and reveal 30 new models by 2025. To accomplish that, they need to start right way, and no better way than revitalizing some classics.
Unfortunately, this new platform is only expected to go into production in 2020. That being said, we might not see a classic VW in all-electric configuration soon. However, there’s no better car than the Beetle to be VW’s first really affordable electric vehicle.

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