A Tesla Build For The Racetrack

It’s not from today that rumors and stories about a GT Tesla are floating around. We had some prototypes, like the Model S P85+ race car. However, its now official. At the UK’s Autosport International Show, the Electric GT was revealed. The first Tesla with racing specification and not only that, at the event they had live demonstrations of their new P100D.


This Tesla was striped to its bones, losing more than 1,000 pounds. Now the electric motors can generate 778hp and 734lb-ft of torque. That means that while a stock P100D can do 0-60 in 2.4 seconds, this race version only need 2.1 seconds to reach 60mph from 0.


September of 2017 it’s when Electric GT has its first season. With some modifications, cooling the battery pack it’s not a problem. Overheat is a major problem for electric cars on race tracks. There’s a small issue tough. The race has only 37 miles, which indicates that range it’s still an issue to be solved. Of course that the series are on its beginning and needs some time to maturate, but will be awesome to see become something huge.

From Roadandtrack.com

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