Japan Have More Electric Car Charging Terminals Than Gas Stations

Japan is normally ahead of the rest the world in tech adoptions. In the EV world, that’s no different. They take environmental responsibility very seriously, the government is betting heavy on pro-electric cars incentives.

If you take a quick look at the charging stations map, you are going to be impressed. They are everywhere, there is more than 2,800 CHAdeMO DC rapid chargers in japan territory, more than double of what the US have.

If you add the number of public plus private charging stations the number will be greater than the number of gas stations in the country. Nissan says that the number is 40,000 against 34,000.

For the title of this post to be accurate, there are some disclaimers. This 40,000 number is considering the private charging stations. Every person that have an electric car in their garage is contributing to this number. So you can imagine that this news is coming with some controversy.

But, if you stop to think about it, makes sense to count all charging stations. When you have a conventional car, the best gas station is the one closest to you home. Now imagine that you have a gas pump inside your garage, how awesome that would be? Pretty great, right? Well for electric cars owners, that is a reality.

The next challenge now is to speed up the charging process, filling up your tank with gas is still way faster. Not for long, we all hope!

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