White House Announces Big Infrastructure Plans To Electric Vehicles

The White House just announced today that it will implement 48 national electric-vehicle raging networks in more than 24,000 miles of US highways in 35 U.S. states.

General Motors Co, BMW AG, Nissan Motor Co, 28 states and EV charging firms came to an agreement to work together to accomplish this goal. 24 States have agreed to acquire a large number of electric vehicles for official use and add this new EV charging stations.

According to Reuters, the state of California will buy at least 150 zero-emissions vehicles and implement EV charging to 5% of its state-owned parking spaces by 2020. Atlanta said that will add 300 charging stations at it’s biggest airport, Hartsfield-Jackson International by 2017. Los Angeles had agreed to almost triple its current electric cars fleet to almost 555 vehicles and add 500 charging stations by 2017

The White House has tried more than one time to accelerate EV sales with tax credits and sales rebate, but these proposals need to be approved by the congress.

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