6 Apps That Every Electric Car Owner Needs To Have


You finally, bought your own electric car. Now it’s time to take full advantage of your new automobile and what is better to aid you in that than your smart phone? Don’t have an EV yet? No worries, some of these apps will work for you and your conventional car as well.

1- Plugshare
This might be the most important app for you. Plugshare database is the most complete in terms of charging stations. It doesn’t matter if you are in US, Europe or Asia. This App has you covered. It’s very simple to use, just put a location in and wait to see the changing station closest to you. There’s a tab called activity, where you can post and see what people around you are saying about the chargers and locations.

iOS Free

2- evTripn
You want to cross the country with your new car, but plan this kind of trip could be hard, right? Well, this app promises to help with that. When you put your destination, the app will ask for your vehicle type and range. With all that information an optimized route with the chargers that you need to stop to make your trip hassle free.

3- Chargebump
With more electric vehicles roaming around every minute the chances of you find another car charging when you get to a charging station is high. With this app, you and the owner of the car can communicate, and then you can know how long is going to take for his car to be ready. The only information that you give is your license plate. Then you can request politely how long it might be to that station to be free. And if you are charging your vehicle, you can leave your car charging and not worry when another person wants to use the same charger.
iOSFree (Not Available in the US)

4- Waze
This might be the best map app out there. That’s because Waze is crowd sourcing. Every user helps to improve the experience. Actually, it’s very easy to contribute. Once the app is open, it reads your speed and location to know if there is any traffic. Want to be mores specific? Report events, like traffic, accidents, road maintenance, road blocks or even suggest a change on the map itself.

5- Spothero
Finding a parking spot is becoming a daily challenge for those who live in big cities. With Spothero, you can find parking options before getting there and even pay before hand, so when arriving at your destination you don’t need to worry about finding the best bang for the buck parking spot.
6- iNavigator
This is a complete solution for any driver. The app has a compass, speedometer, GPS, altimeter, G-force meter, barometer and sound level indicator and even a magnetometer (you can use that as a mini metal detector), and a quick access to a flashlight. It’s a Swiss Army knife for your phone.

iOS – $3,99
Android – NA

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