Tesla Applies to Build 100-Stall Supercharger Station in CA

After news of Tesla’s new off-peak charging incentives in California surfaced, we are now learning that Tesla is expanding one of its current Supercharger stations.

Tesla’s Supercharger station at Harris Ranch in California is one of the EV giants longest standing stations which will now undergo an expansion. This isn’t any expansion either, with this, the Harris Ranch Supercharger Station may become the world’s largest.

Located between the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, its obvious why the Harris Ranch Supercharger location sees so much traffic. It currently houses just 18 charging stalls but with the expansion that number will jump to a whopping 82 stalls. 

Harris Ranch Inn & Restaurant, and Tesla’s propriety partner at the location, said in an announcement on Facebook: “We are excited to announce that Tesla has applied for the construction of the world’s largest Supercharger, which could consist of more than 100 stalls, and will be located right here at Harris Ranch in Coalinga, California.”

The largest Tesla Supercharger station to date can be found in Shanghai, China and houses 72 stalls. However, Tesla’s 56-stall station in Firebaugh, California may have less stalls, but offers more power using 250kW V3 Superchargers instead of the 120kW Superchargers found in Shanghai.

The new expansion to the Harris Ranch Supercharger station will leave it equipped with the more advanced 250kW V3 technology and more stalls. 

In addition to more stalls, Tesla is also planning to deploy energy storage at the updated Supercharger station. A move that could help with peak charges during high traffic hours.

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