Tesla to Accelerate Toyota’s Lackluster Efforts Towards Electrification

In the dark of the night, Tesla and Toyota started trending due to several reports started surfacing regarding a potential partnership between the two automakers. A partnership that apparently has been in the works since last year and may now be coming to a close. 

Chinese news outlet, Chosun Media originally reported (translated): “According to an official from the Japanese automobile industry on the 28th, Tesla and Toyota are considering jointly developing a small electric SUV platform (the car’s basic skeleton). The partnership review has been conducted since last year. Toyota provides the vehicle platform to Tesla, and instead, Tesla provides some of the electronic control platform and software technology onboard its vehicle to Toyota.”

With the CEO of Toyota seemingly not on board with the accelerated adoption of electric vehicles, it seems a bit odd that the two would pair up. On the other hand, Toyota has had plenty of success with its hybrid models and Tesla could give them the push they need to accelerate its efforts.

The report also stated that should Tesla go forward with a partnership with the Japanese automaker, it could allow the EV giant to use Toyota’s vehicle platform to launch an inexpensive compact SUV.

The self-proclaimed Techno King himself, Tesla CEO Elon Musk, has been open about his willingness to license Tesla’s technology:

The CEO has also talked about sharing the Tesla Supercharger network with other automakers and their electric vehicles.

This is a developing story and this article will be updated as more information becomes available.

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