Rivian CEO Teases New Partnership and First Outdoor Accessories

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe gave us a look at what camping is like in an R1T when he tweeted pictures of him and his family over the weekend. When looking at the images it is hard to miss the yellow rooftop tent clearly marked with not only a Rivian logo but a Yakima logo, confirming at least one Rivian accessory will be jointly developed and produced with leading rack manufacturer, Yakima.

Rivian is on the brink of its first customer deliveries of its all-electric R1T pickup truck. The American EV automaker will present two flagship vehicles in the coming months including the R1T pickup as well as the R1S electric SUV. Both of which have been marketed specifically to the adventurous driver.  Since their initial unveilings, many have wondered what kind of awesome outdoor accessories will be offered for the adventure vehicles.

Now we may be getting a glimpse into what one of those accessories may be as the CEO of Rivian posted his front yard family camping trip with a R1T equipped with a Rivian yellow rooftop tent manufactured by Yakima. Yakima is known mostly for bike racks and roof racks, but they manufacture a whole array of outdoor accessories which is probably why the two companies decided to partner up.

The Yakima rooftop tent branded by not only a Yakima but a Rivian logo, is clearly seen in the images, but the CEO doesn’t make any reference to it. Considering both company names can be found on the tent, it is a pretty tell tale sign that they will be collaborating on at least one accessory for Rivian’s flagships vehicles. Should a bigger partnership be revealed in the future, our jaws wouldn’t drop, but nothing has been confirmed.

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