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Rivian’s Fold-Flat Seats Allow Massive Cargo Space in R1S Electric SUV

Rivian CEO RJ Scaringe shared a video today that gives us a close up look at the interior space of the upcoming R1S while its seats are folded down. Scaringe tweeted a video of himself in a large garage-like building filled with R1S electric SUVs in various colors and wraps. The CEO explains in the video how the second and third-row seats fold down to provide ample storage or sleeping space.

As we know, Rivian has not been shy about teaser footage, and its CEO has been no stranger to Twitter lately. Scaringe recently tweeted a video featuring eight different R1S SUVs lined up in multiple colors. Scaringe praised the electric SUV and spoke about how much he has been enjoying driving the R1S.

Rivian has been advertising its upcoming electric vehicles as adventure-ready vehicles for those who like to take their vehicle off the beaten track. Scaringe also recently posted a video via Twitter showcasing Rivian’s R1T electric pickup where he and his family loaded up their gear and took on some snowy, rocky, and muddy roads.

As you can see in the CEO’s new video, the R1S’ second and third row seat are able to lay completely flat in the back of the electric SUV, starting from the second-row headrests.

However, the Rivian CEO doesn’t stop there as he proceeds to circle the displayed R1S in order to really showcase the amount of space the folded seats free up. Scaringe goes one step further and gets inside the vehicle and lays all 6 feet and 2 inches of himself in the available space with the camera pointing out towards the rear of the vehicle while exclaiming what “an awesome car camping setup” the R1S provides. 

The upcoming R1S will launch on the heels of Rivian’s first EV, the R1T electric pickup truck. Both the R1T and the R1S will be flagships for the electric vehicle startup. The Launch Edition R1S is expected to see deliveries in August, however, those reservations are long gone. Rivian will offer two more trims for the electric SUV come January of next year.

The R1S is expected to come equipped with a quad motor powertrain that offers up to 7,700 lbs of towing capacity. It comes promised with an EPA estimated range of over 300 miles and can complete a 0-60 mph in 3 seconds. It will have an option for five or seven fold-flat seats, giving it 108 cubic feet of cargo space.

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