DS Aero Sport Lounge – the Future will be Stylish, Fast, and Electric

One of the keys to the electric car’s success is that it manages to expand through the different segments to convince the largest number of customers as soon as possible. From small and cheap urban, to proposals such as the impressive DS Aero Sport Lounge. A model that has just been presented in its conceptual phase shows us that the future is exciting.

It is a mix that explores intermediate segments as others such as the Polestar 2 have previously done. A halfway model between SUVs and saloons is endowed with ample space for occupants and their cargo thanks to its large size that reaches five meters long.

One of the first aspects that attract attention, as is evident, is its appearance. As usual in these proposals, aerodynamic lines are accompanied by extreme elements such as huge 23-inch wheels, and which we can extend to a propulsion system where imagination is the only limit.

The DS Aero is a model with specific family aspirations, especially for families in a hurry since its propulsion system reaches no less than 680 hp. An engine that is powered by a large battery which, according to the manufacturer, will allow you to achieve a range of 650 kilometers (403 miles) with each charge.

But being a DS, an extra is also expected in aspects such as its quality and interior design. A space that stands out for the use of natural materials, such as satin cotton or rye straw, achieved thanks to the use of artisanal techniques from the 17th century, completed with the Parisian house Lison de Caunes.

This search for the revolutionary also extends to the passenger compartment of the DS Aero Sport Lounge. The screens are made virtual. In front of the occupants, two wide blades create a shape that appears to be suspended in midair. The lower part, covered with satin cotton, serves to project information from the upper sheet, made of straw marquetry. Its surface comes alive to discover new forms of communication, news, and entertainment.

A proposal that is placed in the highest part of the market, in a prototype that at the moment has not received the green light for its production, but that would surely achieve a niche in the premium segments due to its attractive design, its foreseeable high level of finishes and qualities, and which is completed with an electrical system that leaves nothing behind.

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