Swiss Company Reveals Plans to 3D Print Solid-State Batteries

From Switzerland comes a new proposal to encourage the battery sector that has been configured as the key element of zero-emission mobility. With the Swiss country, Europe will have a new request for a solid-state battery with applications in the automotive world.

The Swiss company Blackstone Resources has announced that it will have a solid-state battery made by 3D printing.

In November 2020, Blackstone Research opened its first production facilities, where the next generation of batteries for industrial applications and electric vehicles will be mass-produced.

The opening of these production facilities represents an important milestone for the company bringing it closer to realizing its vision. The first step of scaling up the installed systems will offer a production capacity of 0.5 GWh per year. But, as the company states, “this is just the beginning.” The area for a facility expansion is already available to Blackstone.

Within the battery development line launched by the Swiss company, there are many patented technologies in which Blackstone is researching and developing. It hopes it will be tremendously disruptive in the future.

The most promising technologies the company is currently developing are its proprietary 3D printing techniques for lithium-ion batteries, which use printed battery electrodes in conjunction with solid-state battery technology.

The technology currently developed and patented by the Swiss firm can produce both liquid electrolyte batteries and solid-state batteries. Furthermore, these techniques can double energy density, reducing manufacturing costs with current lithium-ion battery technology.

Blackstone Resources’ proposal includes a reduction in the CO2 emitted due to the manufacture of batteries, reducing energy consumption by 25%, thanks to a 50% lower drying process.

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