A New System Increases the Autonomy of an EV with a Roof Rack by 7%

With the increase in autonomy and the expansion of recharging networks, more and more people decide to vacation with their electric cars. Something for which many use the roof racks to increase cargo capacity. But these elements tend to weigh down the aerodynamics, despite improvements in some designs. But now from Sweden comes a surprising and revolutionary advance to reduce consumption.

Its creator, Peter Fritzon, made the discovery when he assembled an ordinary roof box incorrectly and set out to measure consumption, discovering that it had been reduced by 16.4% compared to its placement recommended by the manufacturer.

In light of this surprising result, he went to work to develop a hood that would follow that concept but even more optimized. The product is the Calix Aero Loader. Roof racks seem to be upside down but manage to reduce consumption compared to a conventional model.

According to the tests carried out by the company, with the same model, they have managed to reduce consumption by 7% compared to a conventional chest.

Currently, a product is only available in Sweden, but that without a doubt, given the results, should be extended to the rest of the markets and manufacturers of these accessories.

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