LG Presents New Photovoltaic Panels With 22% Efficiency and 440 W

LG has presented two different models designed both for residential use. The first is the LG NeON R, with 66 cells, an output power of up to 440W, while the LG NeON R Prime reaches 425W.

This means that, in the absence of knowing details such as the plates’ size, a current average installation with 325W units and 12 containers, with 3.9 kW of installed power, could have 5.2 kW of power in the same space. Something that is 33% more.

Both LG models have an efficiency of up to 22.1%. Power and efficiency figures above the market average, putting Koreans at the forefront of the race for the most competitive products.

Another aspect to highlight that does not usually occupy the headlines in descriptions of panels, is the LG models have back contact technology. This technology allows all the inter-connectors to be placed in the lower part of the panel cell to increase the absorption potential of sunlight and decrease vulnerability to environmental damage, which will allow them to better maintain their production capacity over time.

This translates into a warranty from LG of up to 25 years. A coverage that ensures the plates will maintain at least 92.5% of their original power during this time. Undoubtedly, an aspect that increases confidence in this proposal to which we need a price to make a complete assessment.

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