Northvolt Develops Stationary Batteries to Replace Diesel Generators

The European battery manufacturer Northvolt, in collaboration with the electric company, Vattenfall, has presented a new solution that is positioned as an alternative to the use of backup diesel generators. A scalable battery pack that offers a portable energy solution without depending on polluting sources.

Called Voltpack, this modular system offers powers of up to 250 kW with a capacity that each client will be able to adapt, and will go from 245 kWh for the smallest version to 1,225 kWh for the largest version. The system can be custom modulated thanks to a parallel connector capable of pairing up to five Voltpacks. Each with three battery packs that will also be liquid-cooled.

In practice, the applications of this solution are very wide. From serving as a backup to a residential area that has suffered a blackout, to serve events such as concerts or mobile attractions punctually, to support in areas where the electricity grid is weak, and even as a complement in electric car charging stations, avoiding a direct consumption spike in the network when charging multiple vehicles. All without the usual noises or considerable emission figures for diesel models.

According to Torbjörn Johansson, Head of Vattenfall Network Solutions: “The need for flexible energy solutions such as energy storage is vital for the transition to the new energy system. Energy storage provides quick access to energy when customers need it, and the connection to the network is insufficient. ”

This initiative is of great importance since it represents a European commitment to the production of key technologies in the future, such as batteries, inverters, or battery management systems, their refrigeration … etc.

Something that will result in increasingly competitive products that will have applications both in the stationary storage sector as well as in the more effective production of batteries for electric vehicles. Northvolt itself is in the process of preparation and will put Europe in the map of the mass manufacture of batteries.

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