Electric Cars will Allow California to Increase Its Gross Domestic Product and the Income of Its Citizens

In California, an exciting study has been presented that indicates the electrification of vehicles will be a powerful catalyst for economic growth over the next ten years. A report that analyzes the impact on the state’s economy under different scenarios, and where the massive savings that will reduce dependence on fossil fuels can be seen graphically.

The study has been commissioned by the consultant Next 10 and conducted by the prestigious Berkeley economic research and advisory team. It analyzes the consequences of California achieving its objectives for implementing state electric vehicles. A bet that they assure will have an impact of billions of dollars on the economy thanks to job creation, and that users will reduce their expenses and increase consumption.

One of the most interesting points is related to the creation of jobs. It is estimated that currently, the production of electric cars employs 14,776 people in California directly, plus indirect positions that will experience strong growth in the coming years in the associated industry, such as the one related to the charging networks and their maintenance.

Also crucial will be the impact that electric mobility will have on the economy of the most disadvantaged areas. The reduction of operational expenses about transport will allow weaker economies to be significantly strengthened. The study adds that it will be these economies that benefit most from the creation of qualified employment related to the electric car, which will allow them to increase their income per capita.

The study concludes that the potential of transport electrification has multiple ramifications and that it will mean improving the general economy of the state, both rich and poor areas. Something that supposes that the current investment in incentive systems for the acquisition of electric cars will be an excellent investment and will have a positive impact in the short term among the lowest incomes.


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