Mercedes-Benz EQS Will Have Up To 12 Different Versions

Next April, Mercedes-Benz will reveal to the world its new electric flagship, the EQS. Together with the legendary S-Class, this representative vehicle will be at the top of the German manufacturer’s range and mark the way forward for future battery-powered models from the star’s signature.

Unlike the EQA, EQC, and EQV, the new EQS will not start from a thermal model but will use a specific platform developed from scratch to house electric powertrains. This will allow you to optimize the distribution of your mechanical organs, which will impact an interior space that is used to the maximum.

Until now, it was known that in its most capable versions, the model would have a battery capacity of more than 100 kWh, which should allow it to exceed 435 miles of autonomy.

A total of twelve versions will make up the EQS family, including three sporty AMGs: EQS 350, EQS 400, EQS 420, EQS 450, EQS 500, EQS 520, EQS 560, EQS 580, EQS 600, EQS 53, EQS 55, and EQS 63. Not all of these variants are likely to be available in all markets, as some may be targeted at specific regions such as China, Europe, or the United States.

The autonomy of all versions will be in a range of between 310 miles and 435 miles. Although the order book will open in April, the first deliveries will take place in August.

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