Mercedes-Benz Claims EQS has a Range of Over 435 Miles

Mercedes-Benz has recently announced that its EQS electric sedan will travel further than 435 miles a single charge, with the production model matching these claims as well. In turn making it seem that the brand won’t struggle with the issue of range when it come to its future EVs.

Daimler boss Ola Källenius released this information at the Daimler Annual Meeting. With its launch expected sometime next year, Källenius Regarding said the EQS will mark “a new era for Mercedes in terms of electrification. The EQS will set standards. More than 700 kilometers of driving range according to WLTP. With the EQS, the way we think about cars is changing. It is the first fully electric luxury sedan from Mercedes-Benz based on an all electric architecture. This opens up entirely new possibilities – from the position of the batteries to the car’s design.”

The 435 miles claimed range was tested under the WLTP test cycle meaning when tested under the EPA test cycle that number will see a slight decrease. However, Mercedes hasn’t given an exact number, only a ball park amount of over 435 miles.

With the Model S claimed EPA range of 402 miles, The EQS will be its first non-Tesla EV competitor. Does it have the potential to surpass the California based EV giant? Only time will tell.

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