The New Audi A4, A6, and A8 will be the Last of a Lineage

The future of the automobile is electric, like it or not. From the boards of directors of the big constructors, they see the transition as something inevitable. The perseverance of the old business based on internal combustion, which leaves behind harmful emissions for health and the environment, has no future.

The A8, A6, and A4 models have the end of their existence as cars powered by fossil fuels marked on the horizon.

Although the plans of Markus Duesmann, the head of Audi, are not as ambitious in terms of time as the community and customers that are committed to electric mobility would like, they mark the steps to be followed by the company to leave behind the engine that has propelled them for more than 110 years.

For Duesmann, the new versions of Audi: A4 and A6 will arrive in 2023. They will be the last to use internal combustion engines, whether hybrid systems support them or not.

But if the plan to abandon the cars that generate harmful emissions in 2030 was widely known, for the leader, there is the possibility that the date of the end of an era is ahead in the calendar.

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