VW Already Allows Setting the ID.4 Pro Performance

The ID.4, Volkswagen’s accurate response to the Ford Mustang Mach-E, Nissan Ariya, and Tesla Model Y, has an ambitious goal before it: to become the first genuinely global electric car of the Volkswagen Group, being manufactured and marketed in the three main world markets (China, the United States, and Europe).

Until now, Volkswagen allowed configuring the two launch versions of the ID.4, called 1st and 1st Max. However, for a few hours, the company’s German configurator has also selected from some “standard” variants, all based on the Pro Performance mechanical configuration.

When the range is completed, six mechanical configurations will be available, four of which will be rear-wheel drive: two associated with a 52 kWh battery (147 hp and 170 hp) and another two to the already known 77 kWh (175 hp and 175 hp and 204 hp). Later, two all-wheel-drive variants associated exclusively with the larger pack: the standard 266 hp and the 306 hp GTX.

As with the ID.3, Volkswagen still does not allow all options to be freely configured, offering a total of six pre-configured models to simplify the production of the model: Pro Performance, Life, Business, Family, Tech and Max, which differ among themselves due to the different equipment packs included as standard.

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