MG Will Launch an Electric High-Performance Sports Car This Year

MG (Morris Garage) today is the international spearhead of the Chinese group SAIC. In Asian hands for a decade and a half, the historic British brand is being used by its parent company to enter markets such as Australia, Europe, or India.

At MG, they are aware that the transition to the electric car will be an unbeatable opportunity to return in style to the front page of the automotive scene, which is why they will add to their current European electric cars (MG ZS EV and MG5 EV) a utility and a high-performance sports car this year.

While the first of these launches will seek to significantly increase MG’s sales volume and “steal” customers from models such as the Opel Corsa-e and Renault ZOE, the second will have the task of improving the image of the company, becoming an A sort of ‘halo’ vehicle that will be at the top of its range.

In the past, MG roadsters (MG A, MG B, MG F, MG TF…) were very popular among lovers of sporty driving; now, SAIC wants to enhance this facet of its brand to reinforce its links with the past and make it more attractive to the public. The role of the new sports model will be vital to achieving these goals.

Based on the 2017 E-Motion Concept prototype, MG’s latest creation will hit the market in late 2021. Although its final name has yet to be announced, its design was already leaked last year. Although the silhouette will be very similar to that of the concept car, the front will be totally different, rejecting the original rounded optics in favor of a design similar to that of an Aston Martin.

The interior, which was also leaked, will feature a large, centrally positioned touchscreen and digital instrumentation, and a Head-up Display. At the moment, any type of technical detail of the model is unknown, although it would not be surprising if it opted for an all-wheel-drive system through the use of two motors (one on each axle) and a large capacity battery.

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