Xpeng Sees Monthly Sales Growth of 35% in December

Chinese manufacturer Xpeng Motor has released sales data for the fourth quarter of 2020. The numbers show the huge progression the brand is making in a short time with a record of deliveries every month.

According to official data, in December, they have delivered 5,700 units, representing a growth of 326% compared to the same period last year. In the third quarter, they have reached 12,964 deliveries, which means multiplying sales by three for the same period the previous year.

But more impressive are the monthly increase data. What shows the actual speed at which the Asian brand is growing are the December deliveries. The sales of the previous month (November 2020) have improved by 35% and those of the third month by no less than 51% in the 3rd quarter of 2020.

To get a somewhat more contextualized idea, we can remember a great reference in the sector, Tesla, has needed three years to reach 12,000 units in a quarter. Something that Xpeng has reduced to a year.

A truly spectacular 2020 for Xpeng that has closed with total deliveries of 27,041 units is even more striking if we consider that its most popular model, the P7, did not begin its deliveries in China until June, the manager of the first quarter the SUV G3.

This proposal’s interest is reflected in data that shows us that in just six months of sales, the P7 has managed to deliver 15,062 units, while the G3 throughout the year has remained at 11,979 units. Again, a sign of optimism for Xpeng that it faces 2021 in the best possible way.

Something that will help them continue with their international expansion, being already in the full landing phase in Europe, and the growth of their network of stores and their Superchargers network.

Factors that have filled the Chinese manufacturer’s listing on the New York Stock Exchange with optimism, where it debuted in 2020. A year in which it has achieved a 320% increase in the value of its shares and a market capitalization of 33.8 billion dollars. Very close, for example, to big names like Ford.

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