Volvo Prepares to Unveil Second BEV in March 2021

On the heels of delivers of its XC40 in Europe, Volvo has announced it is preparing to launch its second all-electric model.

According to the company, the new model will be unveiled on March 2, 2021. Very few details were given regarding the Volvo’s upcoming BEV but more details will be release upon its unveiling.

The second model will be based on the CMA platform, like the XC40 EV, and will have a “more streamlined body” according to Automotive News Europe. Volvo CEO Hakan Samuelsson said the company plans to keep quiet about the upcoming EVs appearance until it is unveiled stating :“We will keep you a bit in the dark until we show the car, but I promise you it will be a very good-looking car.”

Automotive News Europe also pointed out that the second model might have something to do with the two Volvo concepts from 2016 – 40.1 and 40.2. The 40.1 is reminiscent of the XC40 and the 40.2 of the Polestar 2:

40.1 Concept
40.2 Concept

The Swedish carmaker is planning on debuting a new fully-electric model each year until 2025, at which point half of its global sales will come from BEVs.

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