Components of the Nikola Badger Revealed

The Nikola Badger is set to be officially unveiled during the 2020 Nikola World event in December. Now, the company has released its electric pickups components through a series of teaser shots via Twitter.

Unique to the Badger, this electric truck  can use hydrogen fuel cells in addition to batteries to drive the powertrain. This allows for longer range and faster refueling when combining a Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle and Battery Electric Vehicle.

Nikola previously promised a range of 600 miles using the combined power modes with the ability to gauge via touchscreen the amount of power needed from the battery and hydrogen cells. The owner can then choose whether they would like to draw the from the battery, converting the car into a BEV, or the Fuel Cell, converting the car into a FCEV. For optimal range, the company recommends using a combination of two modes is required.

Nikola managed to secure 1000 reservations in the first three days of preorders for the Badger which started late last June. Preorders can be obtained with a $250 cash deposit all the way up to $5,000 for the Honey reservation package. An official launch is expected to happen in 2022 but possibly earlier.

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