Lucid Air Surpasses Tesla Model S in Range, Charge, Top Speed, and Acceleration

Even though there are still a few weeks left for its official presentation, the Lucid Air has been monopolizing all the specialized media covers for days. This electric vehicle promises to become one of the most ambitious launches of the year, since it may represent a before and after in the industry from a technical point of view.

Captained by Peter Rawlinson, the engineer behind the incombustible Tesla Model S, Lucid has developed a model capable of becoming the benchmark in its category in terms of autonomy, charging time, top speed, efficiency, and aerodynamics, capable of surpassing the hitherto untouchable Model S.

A few days ago, Lucid announced an EPA-rated range of over 500 miles for its first model, a record that makes the Air the electric car with the highest range on the market. Also, yesterday the brand confirmed that thanks to its electrical system of more than 900 volts, the vehicle could access fast charges in direct current 300 kW.

Another point of interest is the performance of the model. At the time, the Lucid Air reached a top speed of 235 mph on the circuit, and although the brand has not yet given the definitive figures approved for its model, these could be even higher than those exhibited by the prototypes tested on the track.

Now, the Twitter account E for Electric has shared a video in which we can see one of the Lucid Air pre-series units facing an acceleration test against a Tesla Model S Performance “Raven,” the latest evolution of the veteran saloon executive. In the clip, you can see how the Lucid model can easily outrun the hitherto unbeatable Tesla.

Although this drag race’s exact times have not yet been given, it is evident that the Lucid Air is fast. Very fast. The tested unit possibly corresponds to the variant equipped with three electric motors, so it would be fair to compare it with the next Tesla Model S Plaid, an option also provided with three fuels that will be presented in September.

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