Impressive Tesla AutoPilot Results

After some crash tests, Tesla AutoPilot showed above average results. Euro NCAP released its latest analysis, and the Tesla Model X qualified with a “stand-out performance.”

The Model X earned a 94% rating for safety assist, mainly due to the Automatic Emergency Braking (AEB), which is also available on other cars from the manufacturer. According to tests, “The AEB system performed well in tests of its response to other vehicles at highway speeds. A lane support system helps prevent inadvertent drifting out of the lane and also intervenes in some more critical situations. A speed assistance system uses a camera and digital mapping to identify the local limit, and the driver can choose to allow the car to adjust the speed limiter accordingly.”

A video was created to demonstrate the possibilities of the AEB system, where the vehicle stops for different objects or people at different speeds. In one test, Model X at high speed (60km/h) stops when detecting a pedestrian in the dark. Another simulation demonstrates a robot that mimics a small child, where the car still showed satisfactory results by preventing the vehicle from hitting the child or slowing down considerably.

Despite the positive results, it is still obligatory to the driver to be alert when driving and take control if needed.

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