Roadmap of the New Generation of Hyundai EVs

Despite being one of the most cutting-edge groups in technology, Hyundai is working on improving its offer with a significant leap forward that will take place in 2021 when production of the first models begins under the new E-GMP platform. This will currently house up to three models, which will gradually arrive in a roadmap representing a before and after for the Koreans who will even create IONIQ. A new sub-brand to differentiate its electric cars.

The first to arrive will be IONIQ 5. A model that has already been seen during its last tests will be presented in the first half of 2021. At the moment, the launch date has not been officially confirmed, which was rumored to be the beginning of the year. Although they possibly refer to the presentation, its launch will be a little more in the year. Something that would make sense to give some space to the renewed Kona, which will arrive in dealerships in January and thus will not see the start of its sales dwarfed

Upon completion of the deployment of the 5, Hyundai will begin preparation for the next launch. IONIQ 6. A model that, according to current plans, will arrive in 2022. Therefore, there will be around a year of difference between the first and second E-GMP models.

In this case, we are talking about a radically different proposal. It is not an SUV, which is news in itself. The IONIQ 6 will be a sedan based on the spectacular Prophecy Concept prototype, presented earlier this year, and offers us an aerodynamic model with short overhangs, a wide wheelbase, and a very pronounced drop of the roof, which culminates on an extremely low rear.

Of course, the production model will differ, as usual, quite a bit from the concept. But the idea will remain with the aim of offering a passionate and different proposal in an industry absorbed in SUVs.

For the next model, we will have to wait a little over a year compared to the previous one. The IONIQ 7 will arrive in 2024, and its proposal is part of the SUV segment, but this time with a huge body that quite possibly lives up to its name in its occupant capacity.

At the moment, there is hardly any information and images even of the prototype, so we are talking about a model in its early stages of development. It tells us that it has a little more than three years ahead to be finished off and prepared to complete a family that between 2020 and 2024 will see how the offer grows at a slower rate than many expected.

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