XPILOT 3.0 is a Fantastic Economic Bet

XPeng is developing an autopilot system, as well as the automatic parking system with memory for parking lots. It is completed with the latest update of the Xmart OS operating system, which will arrive wirelessly to the current owners. It stands out among other things for having an evolved voice recognition system, which will allow such advanced, and almost science fiction, functions such as being able to share conversations with the vehicle’s system.

As you can see, the Chinese manufacturer is going without looking back, trying to reach Tesla in all aspects. They are betting on electric technology and the entire ecosystem that surrounds it. That will involve a huge technological industry in autonomous driving, subscription services, and endless possibilities for their exploitation or to sell to other brands that are further behind.

This is a fantastic economic bet for the future that will undoubtedly have great results in a market dominated until now by traditional brands that have not known how to adapt to the new times, limiting themselves to meeting the emission reduction targets set by different governments, but losing out on given the real potential of electrical technology that in a few years will be in the hands of other manufacturers.

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