A Driver Got His License Suspended Because of the Touchscreen of Tesla Model 3

The configuration of many of the elements that make up the Tesla Model 3 system through a single central screen has raised great controversy and discussions since its presentation. A system that many accuse of distracting the driver by having to take their eyes off the road for actions such as turning on and setting the climate control, the sound system, and that even allows web browsing while driving. But the problem for a German driver has come from the hand of the wiper system configurator, which is also integrated into the screen.

According to the German media, this driver was driving on a highway in heavy rain, which led him to go to the lower left, where the wiper control was located. A place to select the automatic mode, with a much better operation, which forces drivers to turn to manual modes when it rains. Something that cost this driver who went off the road, hitting several trees.

But luckily the incident was settled without personal damage, but with consequences such as a fine of 200 euros and the withdrawal of the drivers license by a judge from Karlsruhe, who has determined that the driver cannot take his eyes off the road to configure items such as the speed of the wipers.

According to the court, the touch screen is still an electronic device such as a GPS, and its manipulation. At the same time, driving is prohibited for the driver, which has led to the validation of the fine and the removal of the driving license for a month imposed in its time for the police.

According to the judgment, the submenu position that allows you to configure the speed of the windscreen wipers means that the driver has to look away from the road for too long, posing a danger to the rest of the occupants of the road.

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