Tesla Reduces Price of Model S by 2,000 Euros in Europe

In the last few hours, Tesla has updated the Model S price list, which has seen its cost drop suddenly by 2,020 euros. Something that is a boost to an electric saloon that was somewhat in the doldrums in sales.

This means that those interested in getting a unit, starting today, will be able to do so from 80,970 euros for the Long Range version, while the Performance rises to 97,970 euros. For its part, the most extreme version, the Plaid, still does not appear in the configurator in Europe, but in the United States, it has not seen its price change for now.

This movement possibly attends to improvements in reducing the costs of a model that began production in 2012. After eight years without many deep changes, it is starting to lose steam in sales.

With the Model X figures, Tesla does not offer separate data; last quarter, the Model S and X had reached 15,200 units delivered. A decrease of 12.3% compared to the same period of 2019, and a more worrying 45% less than in the third quarter of 2018.

During this time, the Model S has received some improvements, which have allowed it to take its autonomy up to 380 miles under the WLTP cycle.

But as we can see, it has not been enough for a Model S that needs a deeper renovation, starting with its exterior design, and possibly also the interior. Something that was expected for this 2020, but it seems that for now, it will have to keep waiting.

A sedan that has been affected in addition to the passage of time and increased competition and, above all, the impact that the arrival of a Model 3 is much more adapted to consumers’ tastes.

But Tesla has preferred the path of updates and price reductions, which they hope will allow them to stay in the gap for a few more months before having to launch their expensive renovation. If it ever occurs.

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