Jaguar Registers the Name EV-Type: the Substitute for the F-Type will be an Electric Sports Car

In mid-February, Jaguar applied for the registration of the EV-Type designation. This name refers to an electric sports car intended to replace the current F-Type. The only vehicle of this type that we can find among the English manufacturer ranks since the discontinuation of XK Gran Turismo.

The name EV-Type would be a play on words between EV (electric vehicle; that is, electric vehicle) and E-Type (considered one of the most beautiful cars in history, the E-Type of the 60s and 70s is without undoubtedly the most recognized Jaguar sports car; in fact, the current F-Type also pays tribute to that model).

However, Jaguar has not yet made a final decision regarding its launch, as it is considering two possible alternatives: either launching a 100% electric sports car with a design inspired by that of the 2010 C-X75 prototype or evolving the current F -Type and launch a model with a front gasoline engine, following the tradition of the brand.

The main problem of launching an electric sports car would be the project’s low profitability since Jaguar would have to develop an entirely new platform for the model.

However, this problem could have two possible solutions. On the one hand, Jaguar could use the platform of the current I-Pace. A skate-board type architecture that at the moment will not be used in more models of the company and that could be adapted without too many changes to a high-performance model (the I-Pace already has 400 hp as standard).

On the other hand, Jaguar could exploit its synergies with BMW to develop its next sports car. Currently, BMW and Toyota already have a similar agreements (the BMW Z4 and the Toyota Supra are broadly the same cars, differing in their bodies and the tuning of their chassis).

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