iX3 Cancelled in the US

BMW has just cancelled the plans to launch its new SUV iX3 in the U.S. Mercedes-Benz. Following the example BMW delayed the launch of the EQC electric SUV, focusing on the European market as well.

BMW told Automotive News yesterday: “At this time we do not have plans to bring the iX3 to the U.S. market,”

The iX3 for the European market will be equipped with a rear-wheel-drive propulsion system (its platform will be the CLAR already used by the thermal X3) and will have a power of 210 kW (286 hp). For its part, the battery will reach 74 kWh gross, which will possibly be placed around 70 kWh useful.

One of the novelties is that BMW has chosen to change the cell type for this battery, opting for the NMC811, which are characterized by the number of materials that shape its cathode. In the case of the current NCM 622, the cathode has 60% nickel, 20% cobalt, and 20% manganese. For their part, NMC811 will have 80% nickel, 10% cobalt, and 10% manganese.

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