Tesla Cybertruck Hits 650,000 Reservations

According to Wedbush, Tesla has so far accumulated more than 650,000 reserves from its electric pick-up, the Cybertruck. If this figure is confirmed, the number of orders would far exceed the record previously achieved with the Model 3, which managed to reach 450,000 reservations before starting deliveries.

The enormous success of the Cybertruck could be explained by the category to which it belongs: half-ton pick-up trucks (Ford F-150, Chevrolet Silverado 1500, RAM 1500, etc.). The type of vehicle most in-demand in the United States since years ago, ahead of both saloons and SUVs. However, this phenomenon is almost exclusive to the North American market.

Another point that has been able to help the success of the Cybertruck is the reduced deposit required to reserve it: while to preorder the Model 3, you had to enter $1,000, with the Cybertruck this amount is reduced to just $100 for each reservation—in other words, booking ten Cybertruck in 2020 costs the same as booking a Model 3 in 2016.

A week after the presentation of the model, Elon Musk announced that some 250,000 reserves had been reached; however, soon afterward, Tesla stopped updating the number of preorders. Despite everything, many analysts have made estimates in recent weeks regarding the number of total reserves in the model.

Company employees say more and more potential customers are flocking to the Tesla Store to take an interest in the cutting-edge truck. Such is the interest in the model that even in the midst of the pandemic, hundreds of weekly bookings were received, an achievement that demonstrates the enormous sales potential of the model.

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