Fastned and Tesla Show Charging Stations of the Future

If we ask anyone interested in buying an electric car, there will be 3 main concerns; the price, autonomy, and public charging infrastructure are that the former matter little without the latter, which has always been in the background, being a fundamental piece. From Germany comes an example of two companies that have taken this aspect seriously and professionally and have inaugurated the largest charging station in that market.

We are talking about the Dutch operator Fastned, and the North American Tesla, which collaborates with the network of bakeries and cafeterias Seed & Greet, has launched this week the largest charging station for electric cars in Germany of the largest in Europe.

This is located in the Ladepark Kreuz Hilden, at the A3 and A46 motorways near Düsseldorf. Visitors will find a Fastned station capable of recharging up to 8 cars simultaneously at a power of 300 kW each. An installation supported by a solar pergola responsible for feeding part of the demands of these points that also take advantage of the region’s wind energy production.

A few meters away is the Tesla Supercharger station, with up to 20 V3 points capable of offering more than 200 kW each. Something that raises the total capacity of both stations to 28 electric cars, and with expansion possibilities already contemplated that will allow Fastned, for example, to offer up to 22 more points, which would mean a maximum capacity of 50 points.

A facility that has a cafeteria on the premises, which will allow those who have to stop being able to recharge their forces in the time they need to regain the autonomy of their vehicles. It also enables us to see how the charging stations should be for motorways and highways in the future, where operators will be able to collaborate to obtain synergies with their investments.

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